Act Now, Not Later: The Benefits Of Real-time Notifications

December 1, 2021
Act Now, Not Later: The Benefits Of Real-time Notifications


It's Monday. 8:30 am.

You’re in the office making some last minute changes to the pre-work notes for your team. They’re expected to arrive on site rather soon. Before you know it, you're all stuck in the briefing room discussing the latest obstacle and that coffee you waited for at Starbucks is slowly waning in temperature - *Sigh*.

At 11 am the workforce on site is well into their shift. Back in the office, you're subconsciously eager to know if that late-planned line access change was on time or if there was a delay. After all that complex planning, timely access to the track could make-or-break this project. You have a two-month backlog of OLE steelwork installation dependant on achieving enough clearance of lineside vegetation. You have no choice but to hope for the best - "I guess I'll find out later on."

By 7 pm, you should be sprawled on the sofa tucking into some dinner. Perhaps catching up with your kids about their day. Instead, you’re closed in the study, reviewing the day with a site supervisor over the phone. Turns out, there was a delay in accessing the track. If you’d known about it you would have been able to start planning how to catch up over the coming days, but now it’ll have to wait.

Sound familiar?

Let's Rewind, But Use Technology

Monday, 8:15 am. You're in Starbucks mentally preparing for the day ahead when you receive a notification from a colleague that line access needs to change. Smiling, you put the phone back in your pocket; confirmations from the team are already coming in, there's no need to rebrief. You can enjoy your coffee.

Later on, you're savouring elevenses. Due to the heavy rain the night before there were access problems to the site and you've been on the case to evaluate options with your manager, subject to further delays. Everyone is aware of the situation and the risks of this shift going as planned.

A little after 1 pm notifications from a nearby workforce come in. Their shift completed ahead of time, and they are keen to help out in any way. The team agrees that they cannot afford to miss the opportunity of mobilising additional resources to the site. You make it happen.

Before 7 pm you’re home and dry. Dinner ready, shift report complete, team happy.

It Was A Good Day

Many contractors in the UK are taking advantage of real-time notifications. Whether it's through email, WhatsApp groups, or other messaging software such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, they are benefitting from having information when it is fresh.

Modern messaging systems are excellent at making communications more efficient within any business. At Raildiary we believe in people having information instantly so that they can use it effectively. We realise that day-to-day notifications more often than not literally get lost in conversation; fast forward a month and all those updates are rendered useless.

Sitediary can compliment your communications. Use it as a single point of entry for all information associated with project progress; that's text, images, videos, close calls, incidents and more.

Integrate Sitediary with your current systems and have it send notifications through the channels you use when it matters. Build up the full story of what happened on site

Will Doyle


I am an experienced RICS chartered Quantity Surveyor​ with first-hand experience of how the consistent capture and analysis of data can transform global project delivery.

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